149 – Let’s Get Dangerous

We get to spend this week’s danger-themed episode with the the Yin to Moksha’s Yang, Jesse. Tracks include: Times Flies When You Have A Gun by Eyedea and Abilities, Dangerous Type by The Cars, Dangerous ft Joywave by Big Data, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins, Dangerous by Depeche Mode, In Spite Of All The Danger by The Quarrymen, Danger Line by Avenged Sevenfold, Dangerous by Busta Rhymes, Dangerous Days by Zola Jesus, Danger by J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton.

Also on this episode: Denise can’t rap, forever 27, podcast fuel, the Calculatron3000, Big Data Conference, fire in the engine room, Top Gun, peer pressure, Missy Elliott, Beatles therapy, Minnesota United FC, Moksha from Audio Bonsai sends his Fresh Cut, more Doomtree, Germinal, dangerous career, soccer hooligans, and six degrees of cancer research, ENJOY!

This episode includes songs submitted by Andy and Diamond Dave from The Cool Story Show, Erik from Hot Butter Podcast, and Anthony from This Could Get Messy. Be sure to give ’em a listen.

Here’s a link to some of Jesse’s publications.

Here’s this week’s playlist. The first 9 songs are the ones featured in this episode. As always, thanks for participating.