171 – Pumpkin Pie

Mike Falleck of all things Our Hero Comic joins us this week for some dessert themed songs. Tracks include: Polly Was A Prisoner by The Turnbucklers, Wedding Cake by Cataldo, Memphis In June by Nina Simone, Apple Pie Moonshine by Jake Owen, Chocolate Salty Balls by Chef aka Isaac Hayes, Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 by Pink Floyd, Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic, Custard Pie by Led Zeppelin, Juicy Fruit by Mtume, Cakes by Kool G and the Rza, Lollipop by The Chordettes, Cups And Cakes by Spinal Tap, Key Lime Pie by Kenny Chesney, I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts by Danny Kaye, and Cherry Pie by Warrant.

Also on this episode: we talk to Mike about his podcast and other creative outlets, another season of concerts in the park comes to an end, banjo playing, depressing songs, Jim Croce joins us for a minute, we learn about the Cafe Bar in Brooklyn, we get our first sponsor, Kermit and Ray Charles (YouTube video), all things country, baking, Denise’s Ukulele Corner, the butt stuff, Drew Carey Show, the mundane things, picky eaters, we get a voicemail from the Everyday Destruction Show crew, dating tips from Mike, candy for dessert, the Wu-Tang clan phenomenon, and Teletubbies.

Next week’s episode will be a short, so you get a week off from submitting songs.

This episode includes songs submitted by fellow podcasters Carl & Joel of The 4th Line Podcast, Bri of Brutally Blunt with Bri, Liz of Cocktails & Centaurs, Bret of Hot Butter Podcast, Patrick of Almost Educational & Make Dad Read Comics, Chad & Jenn of Full of Fibre!, and Anthony of This Could Get Messy.

Below is this week’s Spotify playlist. As always, thanks for participating!