223 – Honey Do’s Part 1

We’re joined this week by Kristin & Chris Maier of How Was Your Week, Honey? for part 1 of honey songs. Tracks include: Danny’s Song by Me First and the Gimme Gimmies, Rocks by Primal Scream, American Honey by Lady Antebellum, Take A Chance On Me by Erasure, Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance by Bob Dylan, Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins, and Sugar Sugar by The Archies.

Also on this episode: pizza deliveries, working at a radio station, socials, Winnipeg sucks, Chris “Bruce the Moose” Maier,  “Our Band Could Be Your Life“, thrift shoppers, hockey talk, teaching abroad, we get into Bob Dylan, Canadian postage, the first song Chris learned on guitar, live shows, and bad TV.

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The theme for the May 2nd episode is MISHEARD LYRICS. Submit a song you originally thought said one thing, but turned out to be something else.

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Below is this week’s Spotify playlist. As always, thanks for participating.