229 – If I Was A Stripper (Remastered)

We’re joined this week by C-Flo for some stripper songs. Tracks include: You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre, Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six, Buck Naked by Hank Williams Jr., Pony by Ginuwine, I Touch Myself by Divinyls, Novacane by Frank Ocean, Lapdance by N.E.R.D., and This Is Hardcore by Pulp.

Also on this episode: C-Flo and Denise talk about their alma mater, C-Flo experiences a stripper, discuss stripper names, what makes a hot dream, black or white, undressing after work, homophobia, Frank Ocean at the Grammys, Always Sunny, the Britpop big four, and stripping through the ages.

The theme for the August 1st episode is HEAT. Submit a song with the word heat in the lyrics or title.

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