172 – Let There Be Drums

Jenn A and Nikki join us this week for some drum songs. Tracks include: Sunday Morning by No Doubt, The Obvious Child by Paul Simon, In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins, Sing Sing Sing by Gene Krupa, Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) by Chad Jackson, Sleazy by Ben Folds, Triple DD Drum Solo by Diamond Dad, Sequestered in Memphis by The Hold Steady, Eternal Sunshine by Jay Electronica, She Bangs the Drums by The Stone Roses, Kick Drum Heart by The Avett Brothers, Here Come The Drums by Jaya the Cat, Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group, Bang The Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren, The End by The Beatles, Let There Be Rock by AC/DC, Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle, Bugle Call Rag by Buddy Rich, and YYZ by RUSH.

Also on this episode: Glen Hansard Apogee Sessions, The Buena Vista Social Club at the Hollywood Bowl, Gwen Stefani impersonations, concerts at Wrigley Field, Phil Collins urban legends, big band drum battles, Jenn’s sports tangent, Bryan or Ryan Adams, favorite drummers, new music rant, and The National at The Troubadour.

Next week’s topic is home. Submit any song with the word home in the lyrics or title.

This episode includes songs submitted by fellow podcasters K-Lo of The Everyday Destruction Show, Cassidy of Jabber and the Drone, Paul Maier of Diamond Minds and Inglorious Gentlemen, Dave Maier of Podcast Without Borders, Anthony of This Could Get Messy, Lorne of Bold And Belligerent, Patrick of Almost Educational & Make Dad Read Comics, Rad Dad Chad of Full of Fibre, and Scav D of The Fake-Ass Radio Show.

Below is this week’s Spotify playlist. As always, thanks for participating!