X28 – Prestidigitation

Mike Fallek joins us for a bonus episode of the LPP to share the track “Hi” by Hannah Diamond. We talk about the importance of being a showman, J-Pop/K-Pop, gaming, music video treatments, social media, and learn all about prestidigitation. Hannah Diamond: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram Mike Fallek: Website | Twitter | Instagram HACKTHOUGHT – Let’s Start A […]

X27 – soundBYTE Mike

Mike Fallek joins us for a special LPP Short. He tells us all about the soundBYTE app and the art of the 14 second podcast, accents, singing in American, Android vs. iOS, permission to pee, teaching X-Men, group think, physical media, mascots, hot takes, indoor hats, and hashtags. Mike Fallek: Twitter | Instagram Let’s Start […]

X26 – The Cheeky Few

Nat and Vince of The Cheeky Few stop by for a brief chat about their upcoming EP, Pretty Derivatives, and their EP release show this Saturday, June 10 at At The Top in Long Beach, CA. Also on this episode: Denise shares how she found the band, the guys tell us about their early shows, Tina […]

X24 – The One About Cozmo

On this month’s LPP Short, Denise talks about Cozmo…for twenty minutes, yup. Next week’s theme is ass songs. Submit a song with the word ass in the lyrics or title. Check out our Friends of the Show page for links to all the great podcasts that are a part of ours.

X23 – The One With Drew P. Wiener

This week’s LPP Short is a 30-minute tangent about death dreams, premonitions, déjà vu (both the phenomenon and the movie starring Denzel Washington), ghost encounters, and other supernatural topics. Next week’s theme is fool songs. Submit a song with the word fool in the lyrics or title. Check out our Friends of the Show page […]

X22 – Hangin’ With Denise & Rod

Rod dropped the ball this week so you’re stuck with just him and Denise for this month’s LPP Short. Topics of discussion include: Denise gets interviewed New restaurants Tuning drums College basketball Cozmo’s hat Midi keyboards Spotify’s Discover Weekly Holy Holy Next week’s theme is water songs. Submit any song with the word water in […]

X21 – The One With Jason Ferguson of From A Basement In Tulsa

Jason Ferguson of From A Basement In Tulsa joins us for a short conversation that focuses on his musical beginnings, inspiration, the origins of creativity, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, The Mission of Art by Alex Grey, publishing music digitally, Uncle Terd, and auditioning for American Idol and The Voice. This episode features original songs […]

X20 – The One With k-Lo and Bills of Alt Hawk

We sit down for an impromptu Christmas Day conversation with k-Lo and Bills of the all-new Alt Hawk podcast. We talk about their podcast beginnings, Everyday Destruction the band, Christmas traditions, Everyday Destruction the podcast, anime and rapid fire questions. Alt Hawk’s links: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter Next week’s topic is year. Submit any song with the word […]

X19 – The One With C4 and Miguel

It’s the last Tuesday of the month and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for another LPP Short. This month’s Short features: An interview with Spanish rock band Crema 4. Miguel of Empty Rant (LPP:180) – Miguel’s Uber adventures. This episode also features in-studio performances by Crema 4 of their original songs “Animal” and “Corazón” along […]