257 – Andy Warhol’s Dream by Trevor Sensor

Warning: This  episode of the LPP contains high concentrations of philosophical discourse, existential angst, and absurdity. If you choose to disregard this warning you will be subjected to Midwestern philosopher-poet Trevor Sensor, L.A.-based Dead Sara, also Rod’s new found love of Renaissance Fairs. And an overly technical lecture from Moksha on the making of float […]

055 – Like A Rock

Chris “C-Flo” Flores and Albert “Little Dragon” Lopez join us for today’s rock themed episode! Featured songs are: Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan, Stone Pony by Otis Taylor, Gather ‘Round The Stone by Ben Harper, Stepstone by The Tallest Man On Earth, I Am A Rock by Simon & Garfunkel, Las Piedras Rodantes […]