117 – The Monster Mash-Up

Finally, the LPP has come back to the internet! It’s Denise, Rod and Ben in this one with mash-up songs! Tracks include: Party and Bullshit in the USA by Notorious B.I.G. and Miley Cyrus, Cecilia Nights by Simon & Garfunkel and fun., Smells Like Two Times by Nirvana and The Doors, Psychosocial Baby by Slipknot and Just Bieber, Rapture Riders by Blondie and The Doors, and Chasing Kids by MGMT and Snow Patrol. Also on this episode: Ben The Blogger, Jimmy Fallon, definition of a mash-up, raspy voices, Chicago, An Evening with Pearl Jam, PodheadReggie, nice t-shirt story, Ben’s dad, Hot Topic, New Order t-shirt, Chino Moreno, a message to The Girls, the next level, Lil Wayne, and Spotify revolution. ENJOY!