263 – Waste by Zeal & Ardor

This week on the LPP, we explore the songs and influences of Zeal & Ardor as they blend Norwegian black metal with American slave spirituals.  Whether you‘re like Moksha and that makes you instantly excited or like Rod and need some convincing to find the joy in that pairing, Zeal and Ardor will make an impact on you.

  • CHAPTER 1: Spirituals
    • “Devil Is Fine” by Zeal & Ardor
    • “No More, My Lord” Recorded by Alan Lomax
    • “No More Auction Block” by Ella Jenkins
    • “Me and the Devil” by Robert Johnson
    • “If I had My Way I’d Tear the Building Down” by Blind Willie Johnson
    • “I Put a Spell On You” by Screamin Jay Hawkins
    • “Lord, I’ve Been Changed” by Tom Waits
    • “Gravedigger’s Chant” by Zeal & Ardor
  • CHAPTER 2: Black Metal
    • “Jesus Tod” by Burzum
    • “Quintessence” by Darkthrone
    • “Dream House” by Deafheaven
    • “Blood in the River” by Zeal & Ardor
  • CHAPTER 3: Musical Chimeras
    • “Kit” by Kauan
    • “Third Revelation” by Yuma Sun
    • “Have You Seen My Son” by Benjamin Booker
    • “You Ain’t Coming Back” by Zeal & Ardor

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Show References: “Sorrow: I” by Henryk Gorecki

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