263 – Waste by Zeal & Ardor

This week on the LPP, we explore the songs and influences of Zeal & Ardor as they blend Norwegian black metal with American slave spirituals.  Whether you‘re like Moksha and that makes you instantly excited or like Rod and need some convincing to find the joy in that pairing, Zeal and Ardor will make an […]

262 – Self Care by Brown Calculus

This week on the LPP, the long awaited Portland episode featuring Freeform Portland DJ Joshua Justice. We dissect the Portland music scene, discuss the importance of Self-Care, and do some serious research on the Scooby-Doo Movie soundtrack. FEATURED SONG “Self Care” by Brown Calculus CHAPTER 1: Bio “$3 Kung Fu” – first song with Vaughn […]

261 – Dads

This week on the LPP, Rod and Moksha feature music that covers all things Dad. From happy to sad. From fatherly advice to fears of what sort of world we are bringing our children into. From sweet to…that one hilarious song about the guy that slaughters his kids so he doesn’t have to be a […]

260 – Night Shift by Lucy Dacus

This week on the LPP, Moksha’s former podcasting partner, Jesse finally gets his way and makes us dive into the vulnerable and emotionally honest music of Richmond-based singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus. Also on the episode, Rod continues to find reasons to love his local library, we check in with our music brothers over at Our Liner […]

259 – Alcohol by FIDLAR

This week on the LPP, we venture into the music scene of Rod’s home town of L.A. to explore the web of musical context surrounding the second generation punk royalty, FIDLAR. Rod tells us why the Planet Earth II series is worth your time even if you don’t have a 4k screen yet. Moksha finds […]

258 – Handshake by Suzanne Santo

On this week’s episode of the LPP, former-podcast-member Denise returns to share a fiery track by Americana roots singer Suzanne Santo. Rod wants to spread knowledge through a magazine subscription and Denise urges you to support local artists. Also, the Gren cries wolf with Numblife. Show References: Taggart & Torrens | Mascot Diaries | Suzanne Santo […]

257 – Andy Warhol’s Dream by Trevor Sensor

Warning: This  episode of the LPP contains high concentrations of philosophical discourse, existential angst, and absurdity. If you choose to disregard this warning you will be subjected to Midwestern philosopher-poet Trevor Sensor, L.A.-based Dead Sara, also Rod’s new found love of Renaissance Fairs. And an overly technical lecture from Moksha on the making of float […]