015 – The Moods Of Love

It’s our Valentine’s Day Special! Not only that but we venture into the world of live broadcasting through USTREAM! So to mark this special occasion we decided to share songs about the highs and lows of love. We hope you enjoy one of our most muscially diverse episodes to date!

014 – Songs That Drive You

Hey There! In this episode we share some of our favorite driving songs! The songs discussed are Doing The Unstuck, L.A. Woman, Going Up The Country, The Zephyr Song, Freshest MC In The World, Turn The Page, The Way, and Getaway Car. So what exactly makes a song a driving song? We try to answer […]

012 – Twin Titles

A first in the podcast’s history all FIVE MEMBERS together in one room! In this podcast The Listening Party discusses songs that share the same title but are completely different songs. Hey! Get Closer to the Supersonic Last Song and get to Know Your Enemy with us in this hard rocking episode!

007 – Rock In Peace

Our longest podcast yet! For our belated Halloween special we discuss great musicians who have moved on to greener pastures. Full of information, awesome music from Robert Johnson to Blind Melon…we also throw in a little Sinatra and some rockabilly. Not to mention friend of the podcast John gives us a call and the latest […]

006 – Our First Nosebleed

Alright, alright, alright! We finally did it! Took us six tries but we finally have the entire Listening Party together in one room and boy was it good! For our first ever episode with the full cast we decided to share our first concert experience! From Juan Luis Guerra, to Bell Biv DeVoe, to Jimmy […]

005 – What’s In A Name?

Our longest podcast yet! Again Stephanie was missing in action, but we got Denise, Steve and Rod here to talk about all things music. The theme for this podcast is songs with names in the title. Songs covered are Debra by Beck, Sunny by Morrissey, Amie by Damien Rice, Judith by A Perfect Circle, Charlie […]

004 – Ladies First

Hi Everybody! Steve finally made it to the podcast! Unfortunately Stephanie couldn’t be there to witness it, so we are still looking forward to finally having the four members together in one podcast! In this episode we discuss female vocalists…from the classically trained Sarah Brightman to Pink! The songs discussed in this podcast in order […]