015 – The Moods Of Love

It’s our Valentine’s Day Special! Not only that but we venture into the world of live broadcasting through USTREAM! So to mark this special occasion we decided to share songs about the highs and lows of love. We hope you enjoy one of our most muscially diverse episodes to date!

013 – Our Rarest Pearls

This one was a little bit hard to explain. Some of the PodHeads interpreted the topic as a song that has a very special meaning to them, while others picked one of the rarest songs in their collection. Most leaned toward special meaning, so sorry if the title is a bit misleading! The tracks discussed […]

012 – Twin Titles

A first in the podcast’s history all FIVE MEMBERS together in one room! In this podcast The Listening Party discusses songs that share the same title but are completely different songs. Hey! Get Closer to the Supersonic Last Song and get to Know Your Enemy with us in this hard rocking episode!

011 – Feeling Inspired

Alright everybody here’s your weekly fix of The Listening Party! It’s 2010 a brand new year and New Year’s resolutions so we thought we’d share some inspirational songs to help us maintain those goals! Victor took us back in time with Nina Simone mixed in with a little Muse and brought it back to the […]