Let Your Voice Be Heard!

It’s up to you which of these 5 tracks Rod and Moksha Dissect & Discuss, Research & Ramble, Illuminate & Ruminate.

On Episode 265 of The Listening Party Podcast again pit the new discoveries of our three intrepid musical explorers against each other. Our hosts (Rod and Moksha) and Man-Behind-the-Curtain (Jesse) offer up 5 musical discoveries for you to weigh in on. Give them a listen, vote for the one you are most curious about and tune in  to hear which song gets covered (and which of us gets bragging rights). 

The embedded Spotify playlist automatically updates you to the new voting ballot.  Follow that playlist and play along with every ballot. Playable links to each song have also been included below. Just complete the survey or e-mail or tweet us your favorite track. (Note that iOS has an issue with the survey app. iPhone folks will need to tweet us their votes. We’re working on a solution.)

Check out episode 265 to see which song was chosen. Thank you!

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