040 – Gone Solo

Hello Podheads! It’s just Rod and Denise on this one with songs by artists who went solo! Featured songs are: Shelter by Michael Graves, Killing Me Sweetly and Son by Scott Weiland, Temptations by 2Pac, Maximum Firepower by The Nightwatchman and Riley by The Corin Tucker Band. Denise shares her thoughts on black guys and […]

039 – Hard To Love

Hello Podheads! In this episode Denise, Steph and Rod are joined by special guest Albert Lopez! Together they discuss songs from artists that were hard to get into, but are now among their favorites. Songs include: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles, Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne, Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me by Motorhead, Roll Away […]

037 – We Are Family

Hello PodHeads! In this episode we share family songs with special guest Eric Oviedo from Bullco! Featured songs are: The Ghost by James Yuill, Just Breathe by Pearl Jam, Cousins by Vampire Weekend, Airplanes by Local Natives, Sister Golden Hair by America, Sail Away Sweet Siste by Queen and That’s Alright Mama by Elvis Presley. […]

036 – Blinded By Daylight

This episode is in honor of daylight savings time! Thanks to PodHead Drew P. Weiner for sending this one in. Also in this episode you get to listen to Rod being tortured by three girls taking over the podcast! That’s right, we have special guest Jenn in the studio! Not only that but we premier […]

035 – Six Feet Under

Hello PodHeads! Here we are once more with a very special Halloween version of The LPP…not really. We have some stimulating talk about Bridge School, the Kardashians and a weird mom. Songs featured are: Last Kiss by Pearl Jam, What Sarah Said by Death Cab For Cutie, My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me by […]

034 – Stripped Down

We’re strippin’ down for this one. We play a selection of acoustic songs. Again the Podheads come through with six great songs and keep Denise and Rod company since Steph couldn’t make it. Songs in this episode include: Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls, Hell by Tegan & Sara, Sorrow by Bad Religion, Underneath Your […]

033 – Food For Thought

Hello once more podheads! This is episode 33 and it’s all about food! Songs in this episode include Strawberry Avalanche by Owl City, Milkshake by Kellis, Syrup & Honey by Duffy, Soul Kitchen by The Doors, Banana In Your Fruit Basket by Bo Carter, Peaches by The Presidents Of The United States Of America and […]

032 – The Motion In The Ocean

Hello Podheads! It’s time for some ocean/sea songs! We packed this episode with a whopping seven songs! Eight if you count Preach This Ish featuring Ernesto on bass from our brand new segment: Denise’s Parody Corner! The other songs are: When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin, The Sea by Morcheeba, Somewhere Beyond The Sea […]