263 – Waste by Zeal & Ardor

This week on the LPP, we explore the songs and influences of Zeal & Ardor as they blend Norwegian black metal with American slave spirituals.  Whether you‘re like Moksha and that makes you instantly excited or like Rod and need some convincing to find the joy in that pairing, Zeal and Ardor will make an […]

080 – Weenie Roast

It’s a sausage fest this week! Not just because it’s only Rod and C-Flo in the studio, but also because we’re sharing songs about shlongs! Tracks include: I Dig Love by George Harrison, One Hand Loose by Charlie Feathers, Love Gun by Kiss and Happiness Is A Warm Gun by The Beatles. Also on this […]

007 – Rock In Peace

Our longest podcast yet! For our belated Halloween special we discuss great musicians who have moved on to greener pastures. Full of information, awesome music from Robert Johnson to Blind Melon…we also throw in a little Sinatra and some rockabilly. Not to mention friend of the podcast John gives us a call and the latest […]