061 – Here I Come

C-Flo brings a new podhead (SugarCrash Elsa) to the show as we share COME songs! Featured tracks are: Come See About Me by The Supremes, Come On Eileen by Save Ferris, Daisy Dukes by 69 Boyz, Cum On Feel The Noise by Quiet Riot, Come Out And Play by The Offspring, She’ll Come Back To Me by Cake, Along Comes Mary by The Bloodhound Gang, Homecoming ft. Chris Martin by Kanye West and Come Undone by Duran Duran. Also on thie episode: C-Flo experiences déjà vu, Elsa tells us why she became a science teacher, Denise tells us about her forbidden love, 5th graders pee their pants, Rod shares a traumatizing childhood story, we get confused about Dee Snider, Denise explains what sarcasm is, Max humps everything, dogs get huge boners and C-Flo’s friend loves horses. ENJOY!