238 – Fake Plastic Trees (Remastered)

This week we’re playing tree songs. Tracks include: Not Even The Trees by Hootie And The Blowfish, Grey Cell Green by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Lead A Normal Life by Peter Gabriel, Trees by Twenty One Pilots, Forest For The Trees by Huey Lewis & The News, Christmas Tree by Monkey Suit Twister, Feed The Tree by Belly, Kicked In by Superchunk, Slow Hand by Conway Twitty as sung by Jodie B., and Angry Tree by Life Of Agony.

Also on this episode: top performing album of 1995, Denise’s one-woman band, halfway Satanic clothing, the complexities of art, band name origins, two first names, designing album covers, we’re easily impressed, writing prompts, happy trails, sexism, and transgender musicians.

Show References: The Wild Reeds

The theme for the December 19th episode is END. Submit a song with the word end in the lyrics or title.

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