109 – People Have The Power

We’re back to talk some politics with Little Dragon and C-FLo as we share political songs! Tracks include: Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine, Masters Of War by Pearl Jam, Revolution by The Beatles, Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey by Lupe Fiasco, American Idiot by Green Day, and This Land Is Your Land by The Nightwatchman. Also on this episode: talk about This Is 40, NHL lockout, snobby Denise, Wanderlust, when dogs attack, New Year’s resolutions, Lord of the Rings, Denise’s Jedi costume, Man vs. Wild, raw beef,  backmasking, conspiracy theories, Albert Cruise, gun control, Albert: The Doomsday Prepper, hatin’ on Green Day, Gaddafi, rockin’ out with Tom Morello, and chomos defined. ENJOY!