193 – Add It Up

We’re joined this week by Justin (aka Moksha Gren) and Adam (aka Kandiafme) of Audio Bonsai’s Song Spotters (previously The Pruning Session) for some math songs. Tracks include: Long Division by Fugazi, I Don’t Want To Grow Old by Rock Eupora, U + Me = Us (Calculus) by 2gether, Kiss Off by Violent Femmes, 7 & 7 Is by Love, Math Suks by Jimmy Buffett, Pi (The Mercury God Of Infinity) by After The Burial, Mandelbrot Set by Jonathan Coulton, Tribute by Tenacious D, Mathematics by Mos Def, Divide by Disturbed, One Two Three Four by Feist, Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra, Your Number Is One by Rollins Band, The Power Of Three by Belle And Sebastian, One by Three Dog Night, Loro by Pinback, Long Division by Death Cab For Cutie, and 2+2=5 by Radiohead.

Also on this episode: Audio Bonsai is alive and well, Peter Su’s Lions On The Beach release show, lyrical issues, all Broken Bells everything, raising kids, music and math, Moksha schools us on Jonathan Coulton, Denise’s Ukulele Corner, Adam’s musical background (Black Bears), when Moksha met Kandiafme, crutch words,  Adam heckles Feist, Beatle Bob, the disco of tomorrow, Radiohead debate, Tom Waits, and 0110.

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