X16 – Bulleit To The Head

It’s the last Tuesday of the month and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for another LPP Short. This month’s short features: Paul of Diamond Minds (LPP:169) – If I could make anything in the world happen right now, what surprise would you like me to organize for you? Rosa – (LPP:170) – […]

X14 – 4th Dog Messy Order

It’s the last Tuesday of the month, so you know what that means…it’s time for an LPP Short! This month’s short features: Carl of The 4th Line Podcast (LPP:162) – Would you want to be a juror on a murder case? Rudy (LPP:163) – If you could wake tomorrow having gained any one quality or […]

X12 – Poppin’ Cherries

We got another short for you guys this week, this time featuring Diamond Dave of The Cool Story Show. Here are some highlights: Denise’s Pearl Jam jersey, American fast food, hockey impersonators, more jersey talk, hockey innuendo, floor hockey, monetizing a podcast, Cool Story Bros, love songs, accents, freestyling, drugs, and drinking buddies, ENJOY! Check out […]

X11 – Audio Bonsai’s Moksha Gren

This is an LPP Short, basically all the extra goodness that didn’t make it on episode 147 due to time constraints. Here’s a few highlights: Moksha’s mom, Snape, Floyd Glass, dogs, Katniss Everdeen, Audio Bonsai intern, Jesse shares a song, the Moksha & Jesse origin story, tattoos, Black Mirror, The Giving Tree, California Dreamin’, Ethical […]