XX8 – The One With Hayne

No music on this one, just an hour-long conversation with friend of the show and independent wrestling extraordinaire, HAYNE! We talk about all things wrestling, grave digging and even horses, ENJOY! Here are some of the links Hayne gives out at the end of the show: Susquehanna Wrestling Organization Links Website facebook page YouTube channel […]

XX7 – Happy Birthday, C-Flo!

DISCLAIMER: Explicit Content. For Mature Audiences Only! The following is the result of over 2 hours and 40 minutes of raw audio recorded in two different sessions more than a month apart. Here’s what you’re in for: Denise’s little toy, coulrophobia, today is a gift, Amanda Bynes, ailurophobia, shotgunning beer, Home Depot, dish rags, wallet chains, The Vault, lost […]

XX6 – Susan + Rich = L-O-V-E

Hey Podheads, sorry this is just a boring short, but hey at least it’s short. Susan updates us on her relationship with Rich, we talk about chuntis, British Rod, hiking with the girls, adventures with C-Flo, cute girl discount at the Cypress Swapmeet, C-Flo’s friends, and it’s all Paul’s fault. Try to ENJOY!

XX4 – Our Edventure

DISCLAIMER: Headphones are recommended for this one since the audio quality is all over the place. Hello Podheads! This is just Denise and Rod keeping you posted on their Edventure to Santa Barbara. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy it.

XX3 – Misheard Bonus

Here’s all the weird stuff we left out of episode 58. Chris talks about meeting Selena, Albert is a clean freak, butt licking, bachelor parties, hair conditioning, Devil’s Three-Ways, fruit rollups, goop, lollipops, raw doggin’ it and stripper tricks. WARNING: It gets scat dirty!

XX1 – Happy New Year

Alright Podheads! This was a totally random event, we had a lot of fun doing it and we hope you have as much fun listening to it. We had a pretty sporadic 2010 but we hope to keep a steady groove going from now on, let’s keep on rockin’ in 2011!!!