158 – Honesty Is The Best Policy

Joining us this week for honesty songs is Lorne of Bold & Belligerent with special guest appearance by his wife Miranda. Tracks include: The Shortest Straw by Metallica, An Honest Mistake by The Bravery, Honesty by Billy Joel, A Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley, Honestly by Annie Lennox, Honestly by Cartel, Straight Up by The Lost Fingers, Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode, Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire, The Honesty by Blue October, and The Last Honest Man by Stan Ridgway.

Also on this episode: Smooty, Cliff Burton’s death, Travis Barker’s accident, The Bravery vs. The Killers, struggle snuggles, Fresh Cut with Moksha of Audio Bonsai, Mrs. Smooty, Susan and Luke, Lorne’s addictive personality, social awkwardness, Chef Lorne, The Newlywed Game, living in Vegas, The Ridiculous 6, and kids.

This episode features songs submitted by fellow podcasters Hiroja of Musings of a Shibe, Scav D of Fake-Ass Radio Show, Patrick of Almost Educational, Anthony of This Could Get Messy, Carl of The 4th Line Podcast, and Erik of Hot Butter Podcast. All great shows, be sure to give them a listen.

Below is this week’s playlist. As always, thanks for participating.

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