230 – Can You Feel The Heat? LIVE (to tape)!

Rudy joins us this week for some heat-themed songs. Tracks include: Cruel Summer by Bananarama, Snow Miser by ColonBlow, 100 Degrees by Kyuss, Cold Beer Country by Toby Keith, The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace as sung by Jodie B., The Heat Is On by Glenn Frey, Burned by The Sun by Beulah, Heat Of The Night by Bryan Adams, and Racing In The Street by Bruce Springsteen.

Also on this episode: update on Extended Family Apparel, 80’s movies, covering songs, Denise brings up Chester, concerts in the park, Spanish translations, Beverly Hills Cop spoilers, Rudy has a confession, Bryan v. Ryan, sing some Morrissey tunes, quintessential Springsteen songs, and a special announcement.

The theme for the August 15th episode is REMAINS. Submit a song with any conjugation of the verb remain in the lyrics or title.

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Below is this week’s Spotify playlist. As always, thanks for participating.