231 – The Pod Remains The Same: LIVE (to tape)!

We’re joined this week by former podcast member Stephanie for some remain-themed songs. Tracks include: The World At Large by Modest Mouse, Remains Of The Day by Danny Elfman, Stardust by Nat King Cole, Still Remains by Stone Temple Pilots, The Song Remains The Same by Led Zeppelin, Wolves And Doors by Finger Eleven, Highwayman by The Highwaymen as sung by Jodie B, Only Memories Remain by My Morning Jacket, and In My Life by The Beatles.

Also on this episode: we catch up with Stephanie, angry drunks suck, Howard Stern interviews, Mike McCready book signing, meeting musicians and mascots, reading autobiographies,  death and drying, plagiarists, Amigo The Devil, The Museum of Death, the dating scene,  the after life, Yosemite, Stephanie also doesn’t like The Beatles and having children.

The theme for the September 5th episode is FALL. Submit a song with any conjugation of the verb fall in the lyrics or title.

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Below is this week’s Spotify playlist. As always, thanks for participating.